Our VR7-level armouring was put to the test in Germany by the Beschussamt Munich, an internationally recognised independent laboratory in charge of legal verification and certification office of weapons and security engineering.

301 bullets (7.62x51 M80 and 5.56x45 SS109) were fired to ensure that ASV's VR7 Land Cruiser is fully protected and meets the requirements of BRV2009 level 7 all around and from all angles, up to 90° on the roof. A 20-round burst of AK47 was also fired at the driver's door, before the car was subjected to the blast of various threats. The car successfully resisted the explosion of 2 HG85 fragmentation grenades on the roof, another 2 HG85 under the floor, 2 DM31 AP mines under the floor and finally 12.5kg of PETN at 4m to the side.

Single-piece roof, door panels, A-B-C-pillars and firewall ensure that the junctions between armoured components are kept to the strict minimum. All welded sections are doubled up so that no heat-affected steel is exposed to a direct shot. The doors are reinforced with an integrated window-frame for improved stiffness and tighter all-around overlaps with double splinter protection and special ballistic steel-frames to secure the windows in the doors. The floor is protected with blast-resistant steel fully welded, installed inside the passenger cell for a no-compromise protection of the occupants. The gearbox area is also shielded by an under-belly plate and a full additional underside protection is available to further increase the resistance to land-mines and other explosive threats. The fuel tanks are protected with steel casings and the front-end of the car is armoured with full protection for the wings, the batteries, the radiator, the ECU and the brake-servo and ABS.

5 passengers can travel in safety and comfort with adapted brakes and heavy-duty suspension. The cargo area can occasionally accomodate a further two passengers. Most safety and comfort features of the base-vehicle are carried over, including the additional rear air-conditioning. Run-flats are fitted to all 5 wheels as standard and the usual ASV options are also available for the VR7 Land Cruiser.