Engine YAMZ-238DE2 V8 Turbo Diesel
Transmission Optional Cummins 6.7L or 8.8L Turbo Diesel
4×4 8-Speed 2-Range Manual
Optional Allison Automatic
Seats 2+24 (Other Seating Arrangements Available)
Colour Customer’s Choice
Body Type Armoured Personnel Carrier
Protection Level Up to STANAG 4569-3


Maximum Speed: 80km/h.
Maximum Gradient: 60%.
Turning Radius: 13.5m.
Angle of Attack/Departure: 50/44 degrees.
Fording: 1.2m.
Ground Clearance: 370mm
Payload: : 8-12 T at STANAG 4569-1 protection


Hydraulic rear access ramp for crew, side access door for the command and control post and emergency exit.
Modular seating arrangement with choice of bench-seats, flip-up seats or blast-mitigating seats for the crew compartment.
Dedicated command-and-control area, with option of C4ISR/C4ISTAR equipment integration.
Options of Roof-mounted manual or remote-control weapon-station, side and rear gun ports, roof hatches and other mission systems.
Options of situation-awareness equipment integration.
Contact us with your specific requirements.

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