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AGP Glass PM 2007 Level 7 CEN 1063 BR6
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SSAB Domex 500 APR-2006 level 7 CEN 1522 FB6
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Bisalloy HHA APR-2006 level 7 CEN 1522 FB6
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Ares Security Vehicles uses exclusive armouring materials ballistically certified by independent laboratories. Glass and steel are tested and certified according to European and international standards. Each batch of steel (each "heat number") is tested as part of the normal quality control process of our suppliers, and random samples of the sheets delivered to Ares Security Vehicles are once more submitted for testing by the Beschussamt Munich in Germany.

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Beyond this strict quality control process, Ares Security Vehicles regularly submits raw materials and assembly samples for ballistic testing by Beschussamt Munich to assess the limits of the materials and the efficiency of proposed assembly solutions. Welds, bolted assemblies, overlap solutions etc. are tested in this way prior to being used in production.